30 Day Challenge is free to sign up, however you must have an active class pass to participate.

There will be weekly prize drawings and other giveaways for all who join and are actively attending classes during the challenge! All yogis that complete the challenge will Receive one month FREE unlimited yoga and 5 class passes to give to a friend! We will also have amazing pop up specials in our Boutique and a facebook support group.

Commit to yoga everyday and watch your body transform just in time for swimsuit season! We are also offering the opportunity to join us in a superfood nutriton cleansethat will support and enhance your 30 day challenge!

What is a 30-Day Challenge?
A 30 day yoga challenge is committing to do yoga everyday, it creates a new habit of positive physical and mental change.

Is yoga everyday too much?
Not at all. We encourage you to explore all of the styles of yoga we offer, from Hot yoga 26×2 classes to restorative, and all varieties of Vinyasa classes to Buti. Allow your body to determine what it needs and when it needs it.

What are some of the benefits of a daily practice?
There are many benefits to a 30 day challenge. Studies show when you do something for 30 days you create a habit/routine. Many people also noticed that they sleep better, gained flexibility and muscle tone, weight loss, stress management, rise in energy, confidence gain, have a better understanding of their physical bodies, benefited physical activities outside of yoga, improved their overall wellbeing, smiled more, and felt the positive support of the Meta community.

What if I can’t come every day during a Challenge?
That’s ok! Life is unpredictable. Use your challenge to most benefit you. If you need a day of rest, take one. Maybe you increase your practice to 4 days a week instead of 2. Allow this practice and challenge to be for yourself and only for yourself, however feel the energy and motivation from the Meta community. If you skip a day, take 2 classes the next day to make up for it. We are here to support you so do your best.