Yoga Etiquette

All students please read the following:

  • Classes are either 60 or 90 minutes long, please plan to stay in class the entire time. This is for your benefit, as well as for the other students in class. When going in and out of classroom, please close the door gently and quietly.
  • Please leave shoes in cubbies in the lobby.
  • Please keep your body and feet clean when attending class. Please be mindful of body odor and other odors. We have soap and deodorant in the restrooms. Feel free to use showers prior to class if you have any doubt.
  • Please, no glass bottles.
  • Please be silent in the yoga room. Use the time before class to quiet down, stretch, meditate and relax.
  • No cell phones are allowed in the yoga room at any time.
  • Please maintain tidiness while using changing rooms, showers, and bathrooms.
  • Please do not touch the thermostat, windows, or mirrors.
  • Always leave the yoga room quietly and allow your fellow students to enjoy their final relaxation (Savasana) at the end of class.