Mars Rossbach

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Mars has always had a deep interest in the human body, health and healing. Nutrition has always been very important to Mars and he has experienced much healing in his own body, through working with alternative doctors and nutritionists and through his own research. However, it wasn’t until Mars discovered Yoga that the real healing began. Until then he had been suffering from several physical ailments including “chronic back pain” Regular visits to chiropractors and body workers were “the norm” for many years…nothing ever “held”, the pain always returned, and often very quickly. Several years ago Mars walked into his first Yoga class, the next day into his second, the day after that, his third…he hasn’t looked back since. He still takes a class as a student almost everyday, sometime twice in a day. healing the body through Yoga and nutrition will be an ongoing, lifelong study of Mars. Since that first day of Yoga, since that first class, Mars has never again experienced back pain again! Mars’s intention is to share his knowledge of healing the body through Yoga with whomever may benefit from it. He was fortunate to have had “Radiant Yoga” as his first Yoga studio because “Radiant Yoga” offers wide variety of Yoga with a wide variety of teachers. Mars has always enjoyed and advocated for a wide variety of yoga,”the best kind of Yoga to do is all kinds “ For now Mars has completed training in “power flow vinyasa” At “Thrive Yoga” of Sebastapol. Mars’s Training, and much of his inspiration to teach, comes from from Forrest yoga expert and Master Sequencer, Danielle Kelleher. Mars looks forward to more training and bringing that knowledge to the community.