Toña Ginochio



Toña has been practicing yoga since 1999 and teaching since 2006. She did her initial teacher training as well as some advanced training in Interdisciplinary Yoga™ through the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. Interdisciplinary Yoga™ is a non-authoritarian approach to better health and more meaning in life. It is accepting every individual’s body as it is in this moment and it is also about activating each student’s direct knowing by guiding experiences that will support their ability to listen and respond to the intelligence in their own body/mind.

In addition to her training in Interdisciplinary Yoga™, she has also completed an Ashtanga teacher training with David Swenson, as well as the Anusara Immersions 1-3. She has participated in workshops with Ana Forest, Sean Corne, and Noah Maze as well as many others. Toña teaches a style of Vinyasa that is a blend of the various forms and traditions of yoga that she has had the privilege to experience. Her classes involve a dynamic system of practicing asana—linking breath to movement. They are based on physical postures (asanas), deep breathing, mindfulness and listening to the body.

In addition to teaching yoga, she teach gymnastics, personal training, and offers Thai yoga Massage as well as therapeutic massage.


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